Take our cheer lessons if you want to make your cheer squad every year!! You learn awesome cheer skills including tumbling, stunting, jumps, kicks and performance skills! We teach you tumbling skills like Back Handsprings, Aerials, Standing Tucks, Round-off Back Handsprings, Twisting Fulls and more!!

Our cheer lessons are 1 1/2 hours long. If you are new to tumbling or cheer, it’s best to start in our 3 hour per week lesson. After you have learned your back handspring and we’ve refined your jumps/kicks, then move to our more advanced 6 hour per week cheer lesson!

Since tumbling is such an important part of cheer leading, we split the lesson time between tumbling and cheer skills. An amazing cheerleader is able to tumble well, has great jumps/kicks, is full of enthusiasm, and knows secrets to performing in front of an audience!

Our cheer coaches are all either former or current cheerleaders who know the sport inside and out! They are super excited to help you reach your peak!!


Start today because tomorrow is almost here!!

Call us to find the time that works best for you!! 801-599-6705