Autopay Pricing
(per student)

Tumbling Lessons


     Peak Lesson (2-4 students per coach)
         1x per week -  one hour lesson
          **for BEST results we highly recommend 2x per week

$70.00 / month

     Peak Lesson (2-4 students per coach)
        2x per week - one hour lessons
         **recommended for BEST results

$130.00 / month

     Private Lesson 1 hour per week

$210.00 / month

     Private Lesson 2 hours per week

$400.00 / month



     Tots Class (3 - 4 year olds) 45 minute class, 4-5 students per coach

$50.00 / month


Cheer Lessons (up to 6 students per coach)


     3 hours per week

$180.00 / month

     6 hours per week

$350.00 / month



 Annual Registration (by calendar year)

Per student

     All students enrolled in lessons





  • Annual Registration is initially due upon signing up for monthly lessons, is non-refundable and non-transferable, is not prorated for mid-year enrollment, and is due on September 1st every year.

  • Tuition is due two weeks in advance (on the 20th of the month prior).

  • Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • We require 30 days notice (by completing withdraw form) to withdraw a student from the program. This way we can fill spots in lessons for students who want to join.

  • Please be respectful of the program, employees and equipment.